East Mode – Mural festival

‘Threat’ 2021
4 x 14 m Bayfield Street Rosny

Mural: Bec Adamczewski, Becski
Client: Vibrance Projects and Clarence City Council

Weedy seadragons and giant kelp forests are endemic to the cooler southern waters of Australia and are under threat. Like many of our unique marine flora and fauna, these species are vulnerable to warming waters and changing nutrient levels due to the effects of climate change. Did you know Weedy seadragons only venture 50-500 meters from their place of birth?!

This work is in Becski’s signature style of bright colours and features intertwined kelp, weedy seadragons and the invasive long-spined sea urchin. Vibrance Projects, in partnership with Clarence City Council and Arts Tasmania proudly launched East Mode, Clarence’s newest Mural Festival, where five artists took to walls in the Bayfield Street area, leaving behind permanent murals for everyone to enjoy.